Adamson Bakery is a passion-project of the people who brought you Adamson Barbecue. While known for our smoked meats, baking has become an integral part of our daily operations. Our staff’s obsession with freshly-made products made from quality ingredients lead to all our goods being baked in-house. Prep cook Daniel Rios undertook the initial development of our bread and buns to provide our patrons with fresh baked products authentic to Central Texas Barbecue. Simultaneously, night-shift brisket cook Matthew Rushworth began scratch-baking authentic southern-style pies for lunch service.

With the continued growth of Adamson Barbecue, baking duties quickly outpaced our capacity, so we brought on Red Seal certified Pastry Chef Dani DeRoo. After graduating from the top of her program in Saskatoon, Dani honed her skills both at home and abroad in the UK. Having baked for cafes, bistros, and fine-dining restaurants, Dani has proven a talented and versatile member of the Adamson team. Dani specializes in what she calls “Grandma-Style” baking: fresh baked goods using real ingredients and a lot of love. Adamson Bakery- the passion of barbecue, now in our baked goods.

We don’t have a retail storefront (yet!). Until then, you’ll have to order your desserts in advance. Two days notice is required for bakery orders. The cutoff time is 4pm. For example- order by Thursday at 4pm for a Saturday pickup.

Your desserts can be picked up at the pre-order window at the barbecue place from 11am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday.